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Bringing our furry friends into the office

Sharon and Libby 2 10 8 20As a business which not only aims to make a surplus above running costs but also to provide services to people with disabilities, it is wonderful to be in a situation where you are also able to accommodate dogs in the office. 

Of course, we would more than welcome disability dogs such as Guide Dogs and Hearing Support dogs, but we also have our own pet dogs coming regularly into the office.

Libby comes into the office perhaps once or twice per week and only when she can be accommodated.  She is a quiet and relaxed dog, who is happy to lie under the desk and wag her tail when someone comes into the office.  She is a Cockerpoo and as such there are no issues with allergies either.

Jamie and Maisie8

We also have Maisy attending, again perhaps once or twice per week and she is a young dog who is a little more excitable, but full of enthusiasm and boundless energy!  Maisy is also a Poodle cross and so there are no allergy problems.

There are a range of benefits in bringing dogs into the office and these include –

1)    Reduced stress, dogs are a great stress reliever and a point of conversation, particularly for people who are anxious such as many of our people on work placements.  They provide a social lubricant!

2)    It can bring the team together, the dog can be used as a bonding tool.

3)    Increased productivity, a dog encourages you to take a short break from your work in order to take the dog out or make a fuss of it.  For those people who are workaholics, this is a wonderful reason to take that short break.

4)    The opportunity for people who do not have a dog themselves to interact with one in a safe environment.

5)    It’s good for business – staff see this as an additional perk.  They are prepared to work longer hours, get less stressed during working hours and are just generally happier at work if their dog is with them!  It’s a fact!

Researchers in the US looked at 75 staff over a week, comparing stress levels, job satisfaction and feelings about support from, and commitment to, the company. Their findings showed that people who took their dogs to work were less stressed as the day went on compared to those who didn’t.

It also showed that having dogs around can boost morale and that the employees with access to dogs had higher job satisfaction than industry norms. Their work, which has been published in the International Journal of Workplace Health, complements a survey that Blue Cross commissioned a few years back.

The benefits also extend to the dogs as they are usually much happier if they can come with you to work too because they’re not being left at home for long periods of time.  Dogs are social pets and can struggle to cope when they’re left at home all day, and this is reflected in their behaviour, like barking, chewing furniture and anxiety.

The people that come into Norfolk Industries on work placements really love having a dog to fuss and the dogs have got used to a wide range of people coming and going.  It’s a wonderful mix for both the staff team, people on work placements and the dogs themselves. 

Do you have an office or other work environment which allows dogs?  Send us your pictures.  And remember that national Bring Your Dog to Work day is 22nd June!