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Pet products with a conscience – think workability, not disability!

Safety, Quality and Compliance

We operate a manufacturing environment and take the safety of our workforce and the quality of our products seriously. 

We are:  

  • ISO 9001 2015 accredited 
  • HACCP compliant for Non-Food Manufacturing. 
  • Members of SEDEX  
  • Working towards ISO14001 business accreditation  


  • Ensure the safety of our colleagues through regular external Health & Safety inspections 
  • Source responsibly using ethical supply chains


Keeping our products safe for customers and pets 

We have over 28 years’ experience of manufacturing pet bedding and supply to some of the largest retailers in the UK. We want everyone to be happy with our products and making them safe for our customers and their pets one of our top priorities.   

We have: 

  • Quality control checks in place throughout our production lines, including metal detection for our paper flake and recycled paper production. 
  • Set-up systems in place to ensure that the correct raw material and packaging is used. 
  • Clean down procedures between product runs and hourly random checks for product weights in addition to continuous visual checks at various stages of manufacture. 

We also:  

  • Gather safety data information from the manufacturers of the raw materials we use and carry out a range of tests on new raw materials. 
  • Test our materials for absorbency, colour fastness and small animal safety – particularly with regard to entanglement on legs and ‘pouching’ in hamsters. 
  • Carry out an annual customer satisfaction survey to highlight any trends or concerns with our products. 

Product quality is hugely important to us, but the recycled and repurposed nature of the raw materials we use means we can’t always guarantee the exact colour of our product.  

Cleaning cloth waste comes in many colours and white paper can also vary in shade. This is cosmetic only and does not impact the quality or the safety of the product.  

  • Medium Animal House: The medium animal house has a good price point and you get a lot included. It will provide hours of fun for children and their small furry pets.

    PATS Sandown 2018 judges

  • Recycled Paper Bedding (Plastic Free): Awarded best New Product for the Small Animal category at PATS Telford 2018. ‘A well packaged item, perfectly sized for the shelf and biodegradable.'

  • Nibble and Nest: 'I would purchase this packet as I have just experienced it was great fun for my pet!'

  • Repurposed Paper Bedding Bales: ‘Delighted with the product, delighted with the service.’

    Mrs Gay

  • My hamsters really seemed to enjoy this product. I would definitely buy!

  • Repurposed Paper Bedding Bales: 'Extremely happy with the paper; best thing ever bought out for puppies. Keeps them clean as it is very absorbent.'

    Mrs K Hathaway

  • Nibble and Nest: 'Both hamsters gained access to the bags, ate the treats and used the bedding material in their own bed space. One slept the in the bag for a few hours. Was great to watch them and thought it kept the hamsters occupied.'

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