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Pet products with a conscience – think workability, not disability!

Work Experience Placements

Our factory work placements are designed to provide people with real work experience in a production line environment.  

Tasks might include filling bags, sealing bags, packing work, machinery operation, labelling products etc.   

Is it paid work?  

Are placements are offered on an unpaid, voluntary basis.  

However, we are sometimes able to offer placements the opportunity to go onto the bank worker system on a zero hours contract basis. This is designed to allow flex with the demands of the factory and the inflow of work. 

How long are placements for?  

Our placements are open ended so there is no set timescale. Whilst someone continues to get something out of the work placement we are happy for them to stay on. 

Who are they for?  

Our placements are aimed at the long term unemployed, this may be people with disabilities or it could, for example, be mums looking to get back into the workplace.  

How do I apply for a placement? 

Please just get in touch.  

There is no formal referral route for our placements, they are assessed on an individual basis.  

We always suggest you visit to take a look at the environment, the people and the work tasks involved on a no commitment basis.  

You can contact us on 01603 667957 or email 

What people have said:  

I’m very impressed with Norfolk Industries. I recently set up a work experience placement with you for someone I support.   

Over the years I’ve arranged many work experience placements and in all that time I have rarely encountered such helpful, welcome and accommodating employers.   

I wish to say a big thank you to you and all of your staff, who have all been helpful and friendly.  

I look forward to working with you again. 

Jenny Leake (Asperger Support)  

  • Working here means I earn money and can pay my bills


  • I like to feel useful and feel that I have a purpose


  • If I didn’t have this job, I wouldn’t be able to do amateur dramatics which I enjoy


  • I like all of the people here and they all care for me.

  • I like coming into Norfolk Industries because I feel useful and part of the team.

  • I feel supported that my future will go ahead.

  • I’ve settled quicker here than in all the other work I’ve had. The people are very nice, they support each other and work as a team. I’ve gained confidence in the weeks I've been here. I feel like a piece of jigsaw that finally fits.


  • It's brilliant. I enjoy the work.


  • I’d love to come back. I enjoyed my time at Norfolk Industries and would really like to work there in a paid job.


  • I’ve felt comfortable, welcome and the atmosphere has been friendly. The people are easy to get along with. I’ve learnt quite a lot about working in an office environment.


  • My morning at Norfolk Industries was excellent! Fantastic! I packed pet bedding for hamsters and then had a coffee break in the canteen. The people were very friendly and I would like to help them out more if I could.


  • I enjoy the tasks, the open space and the people, they are really hard working, everyone knows what they are doing. I manage to cope gradually with my anxiety and I’m really enjoying it there.

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