Norfolk Industries for Disabled People

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Norfolk Industries for Disabled People operates as a Social Enterprise offering services to the community whenever possible.

We currently offer Voluntary Work Placements to people in the local community who are aiming to gain soft skills development such as timekeeping and attendance, confidence building, work social skills and get back into a work pattern.

Employing people with various disabilities, we have worked hard to improve the reach of our service delivery across Norfolk and Suffolk and now support and assist people who are long term unemployed or have other disadvantages or barriers in the work arena.

Providing a supported work environment assists individuals to gain confidence in getting back to work and can experience what working for a whole working day or week involves.

We are a friendly group  and as the work is team based, there are always people available to support and assist individuals.

The work is straight forward, involves little instruction and is repetitive.  As such it suits people with learning difficulties well.

Take a look through our brochure to find out more - Voluntary Work Experience Placements and read some testimonials below from others who have found the programme useful.

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Penny - 'I have settled quicker here than in all the other work I have had.  The people are very nice, they support each other and work as a team.  I have gained confidence in the weeks I've been here.  I feel like a piece of jigsaw that finally fits.'

Chris - 'It's brilliant.  I enjoy the work.'

Christine - 'I would love to come back.  I enjoyed my time at Norfolk Industries and would really like to work there in a paid job.'

Martyn - 'I have felt comfortable, welcome and the atmosphere has been friendly.  The people are easy to get along with.  I have learnt quite alot about working in an office environment.'

 Jenny Leake (Asperger Support) - 'I am writing to say that I am very impressed with Norfolk Industries for Disabled People.  I have recently set up a Work Experience placement with you for someone I support.  Over the years I have arranged many work experience placements and in all that time I have rarely encountered such helpful, welcome and accommodating employers.  I wish to say a big thank you to you and all of your staff, who have all been helpful and friendly.  I look forward to working with you again.'