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Pet products with a conscience – think workability, not disability!

Large Snuggle Pack


Ideal for owners of small pets such as guinea pigs, small rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets and hedgehogs.    

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Designed as a pack of products for guinea pigs, small rabbits, chinchillas and hedgehogs.   

Product Set 3 contains:  

  • 8 x Paper Flake Bedding 
  • 2 x Recycled Paper Bedding 
  • 1 x Animal House (Medium) 

Our popular Paper Flake Bedding is an effective litter material. Safe, dust free, soft, and odour controlling, it’s also allergy free. 

Our Recycled Paper Bedding promotes natural nesting and burrowing behaviours in small pets. Made 100% recycled newsprint paper, it is clean, safe, digestible, absorbent, odour controlling and allergy free.  

Our enchanting colour-in animal houses provide fun for both humans and pets. Supplied with colouring pencils, mineral block, apple chew sticks and a bag of fruit treats.  

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  1. 'The snuggle pack was wonderful. I just should have bought 2 to avoid the children squabbling over colouring the house in.'