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Pet products with a conscience – think workability, not disability!

What should I do with a dead hamster?

It’s that awful day when you find that you have to make a search on Google like this, when you could already know the answer. The death of a pet of any size is very upsetting and having to work out what to do next is even harder, but with our help you can be prepared.

We have a unique and niche product for small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats (even small fish) which will make the whole process of dealing with the passing of a small pet much easier, even for children of all ages. This is likely to be their first experience of grief and our product Furry Friends Farewell is totally equipped to address the questions that you might have, such as where should we bury our little friend, what should we bury them in, how big should the hole be, how will my child feel about this, what should we say when we are burying them?

Furry Friends Farewell is completely bio-degradable, designed to engage children with this whole process and safely, but empathetically provide you with everything you need including a burial tube, cosy bedding, ceremony advice, tea light and grave marker, as well as a printed drawstring bag to keep treasured memories in. For more details, take a look on our website here.

Image of Furry Friends Farewell product
Furry Friends Farewell product including contents