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The Reliability of Disabled Staff Members

From a team of 7 employees, 4 members of staff have various disabilities. 

Like all groups of society there are people with disabilities who want to work and others who would rather not.  This does of course depend on the disability (for many reasons) and the work available locally.  Many disabled people are in the benefits trap and it would be extremely difficult to gain any kind of work which does not result in them actually being worse off financially.

If this scenario does not apply and someone is keen to work, there is then the issue of understanding the requirements of working, from having to get up early, getting to work on time, taking on board instructions and following them through and then dealing with those other difficult colleagues!  Sometimes the 'romantic' understanding of working, is not the same as the reality.

However from our workforce, we are blessed with people who want to work, are able to work, get here on time and the most important 2 points are that they are reliable and work to the best of their individual abilities.  In the last 12 months all 4 of our disabiled colleagues have had a total of 8 days off work due to ill health.  That's pretty good by anyones standards and equates to just 2 days per year for each person.

Norfolk Industries aways tries to recruit people with disabilities whenever a vacancy becomes available, but it is difficult to find people who are disabiled and meet all of the above criteria.  That does not mean that these people are not out there, good employees are hard to find, whether they are disabled or not!