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The development of Chewy Tubes

Chewy Tubes are one of our products which was developed from a bizarre set of circumstances.  Products are developed here at Norfolk Industries for a number of reasons which other businesses would not necessarily consider so I thought that I would put together a blog which provided an insight into our development process.

We buy in waste paper for our other bedding products which are supplied on cardboard reels.  When we then cut the paper down for putting through the shredding machines, the reels were being disposed of, however, we though that this was a waste and perhaps we could utilise them for something.

However, we also have to think of our staff and volunteers as well as the costs of setting up new products when considering options.  As such, we started to look at a small animal ‘nest’ complete with bedding material.  We already had a heat sealing tunnel and would only require a tube cutter for the production of this product.  We also looked at whether this kind of product could be easily replicated and produced without complicated manufacturing techniques or risky processes for our staff and volunteers with learning disabilities.

Once all of this was taken into consideration, plus some investigation into the market and what was already available to purchase, the tube cutter was purchased from our budget and production started. 

Chewy Tubes are designed as a pocket money type product which children can afford for their small pet, as statistically small pets are owned by small children.  As such we aim for these to go onto shelves at about £1.49 which is already happening in QD. 

Chewy Tubes are aimed at hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats, but guinea pigs would probably struggle to get through them as they are about 73mm in diameter.

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