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Showing your appreciation to people on work placements

Appreciating our people on work placements

As a business which provides work placements for people with disabilities and other barriers to work, we really appreciate the impact that these people have on our business.

They are not just people who are gaining a service from us, but people who are generating product while they learn what working feels like, building confidence, working in a team and accepting instructions as well as many other skills and qualities.

Here at Norfolk Industries, we show our appreciation by celebrating everyone’s work anniversary with us each year through the giving of a card which is signed off by all of the staff team.  Although this is just a small gesture, it really is a pleasure to do this with a note to state that they have done so well in their journey with us.

At Christmas time, we put together a little gift box for each person who is with us and offer a Christmas meal out with the staff team to show our true appreciation of their efforts throughout the year.  Gift boxes have included items such as a Norfolk Industries mug, Christmas socks, chocolates, Christmas cake, Christmas crackers, puzzles, pens, Christmas tree decorations, stickers, keyrings, etc.

Again, just little things, but when all packaged up in a little white box with a pretty label and handle it’s a lovely way to say Thank You and does appear to be appreciated by those that receive them.  Every now and again we also buy sausage rolls for everyone for tea-break and at Christmas we get in mince pies and sausage rolls too!

Just showing that you appreciate people for their efforts, no matter how small is just one way that Norfolk Industries makes that effort to provide a supportive and engaging workplace for people with a range of disabilities.

Every day when people finish their shift or session with us, they are thanked for what they have done and encouraged to keep it up, whether it’s packing 10 items in 5 hours or filling 1000’s of bags in 3 hours, every little helps both the business and the individual to work at their own version of their best!