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Blog » Road to Recovery from Covid 19

Road to Recovery from Covid 19

At Norfolk Industries we pride ourselves with being able to provide work placements on a voluntary basis. The placements are aimed at people wanting to increase their soft skills in the work environment, such as time keeping or attendance. Unfortunately since Covid restrictions began last year many of our volunteers had to stop attending the factory, either due to pre-existing health conditions, which put them at higher risk, or that we were limited with the numbers of staff that we were allowed working at one time in order meet Social Distancing requirements.

So now we are on the road map for slowly coming out of lockdown. What does this mean for Volunteers at Norfolk Industries? We are hopeful over the coming months to be able to get in contact with all the volunteers that were attending prior to the first lockdown. For this we will ask their thoughts on reattending as we are aware that some volunteers may have moved onto different ventures or they may feel too anxious to reattend in the current climate. We currently have 12 ‘parked’ volunteers on our books.  This will allow us to assess and plan going forward. The plan will be to bring back a couple of volunteers, then further volunteers can be brought back in as the year progresses and the Covid restrictions ease.

We are excited at the prospect of returning to a new normal, all our workers here have been offered the Covid vaccine and 100% of the Norfolk Industries staff and volunteers have accepted. We as a team have supported both the volunteers and main team in arranging their vaccines. Whether this was setting up email accounts to allow them to be sent a link to arrange the vaccine or arranging suitable transport to allow them to get to their appointments.

There has been a mixture of the Pfizer vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine, with everyone now receiving the first dose, we even have some people who have now received both doses. Reactions to the vaccines have been varied with some people having no side effects at all, to chills, shivers, point of injection pain and sickness.

We have still been continuing with the COVID-19 procedures that we originally had in place and these have been successful with no outbreaks within this workplace. All risk assessments are continually reviewed, keeping everyone as safe and risk free as possible. With the potential of volunteers returning to the factory, Covid inductions take place to explain the new procedures, why we have them and to ensure they are understood and can be followed daily. Signs remain around the factory to show the one-way systems and we have 2 metre markers to provide a clear indication of this distance. Every member of staff is provided with their own hand sanitiser and disinfectant as well as their own equipment to use.

2020-2021 has certainly been a challenging time and not being able to have as many volunteers as we would have normally has been difficult and was certainly not a position that we thought we would see ourselves in. However, we are hopeful that in the future things will be brighter and we will have the opportunity to build our service delivery back to pre-Covid levels and recruit new volunteers in the near future.