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PATS Sandown 2018 Trade Show

Blog to Website – March 2018
Trade Stand development 
Norfolk Industries recently changed the business branding and also booked to go to PATS Sandown in March 2018.
As such the whole stand design, giveaways and business information has had to be completely redesigned.
Firstly, we put together a ‘To Do’ list, which has gradually grown as we have gone along!  
Headings included – accommodation, PATS forms and profile, product development, booth design, branding, packaging, pricing, risk assessments, communications, marketing materials, giveaways, website, clothing/uniforms, transport, at the show, post show.
When booking a trade show stand, there is a whole raft of paperwork which comes from the organiser and this covers a wide range of elements, such as health and safety declarations, build and dismantle protocols, new product entries, facia board design, additional furniture requirements, livestock declaration, shell scheme accessories to name a few!  All organiser’s forms have a deadline to meet as well as completing the online portfolio for your business.
The online portfolio is incredibly important as this is the platform that is used by the organiser and any marketing teams to promote your attendance at the show.  As well as that, it is the shop window to your business and also acts as the entry into the show catalogue.  We had some issues with this, as we needed new photographs of our products with the new branding on and which were difficult to get within the required deadline.
Aside from designing your space, there is a massive opportunity to market the fact that you are attending the show to current and potential customers.  You can arrange to meet people at the show to discuss your products.  This provides an ideal opportunity to meet with people who could be a long distance away from your normal base of operations. 
Website development, emails footers, social media marketing can also be used to really get the message across that you are exhibiting at the show.  We have also taken the opportunity to develop a range of product in order to gain feedback whilst there, as this is an opportunity to gain information direct from buyers of our products, as to whether they like the product as well as the pricing etc.  Again, this can also be used as a marketing element to drive people to your stand on the day.
Giveaways are also important, and although you do not have to spend a lot of money on these, they do offer the opportunity to get your name on buyer’s desks, particularly if you can tailor your giveaways to thing such as post-it notes and pens.  We have also purchased branded folders to hold all of our information and bags to put samples into which makes them easier to carry around!
We also marked out the size of the booth on the floor as well as the sizes of all of the display items we wanted to take with us to ensure that the space worked well.  Lastly, getting the information across about the business and the important work that we do for people with disabilities was really important.  Telling the stories also required gaining permissions from all involved.  
See you all on 20th and 21st March 2018 at PATS Sandown for the results!!