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Learning from exhibiting at Trade Shows

For the last 3 years Norfolk Industries has started to exhibit at Trade Shows in the UK and this has mainly comprised of the PATS Shows both in Sandown and Telford, although we have also tried GLEE in Birmingham NEC.

Attending Trade Shows is a costly affair with the costs of travel, accommodation, and the fair itself with stand design and build as well as time to do loads of preparation and being out of the office for at least 2 people.

As such, it is a big commitment to make, so you need to ensure that you get as much as possible from this investment.

The payback can come in a number of ways –

  • Greater awareness of products and branding
  • New customers/contacts and rising sales
  • New product ideas
  • Clarity on customers’ needs
  • Developing relationships and partnering with others within the sector
  • Understanding and awareness of your competitors

Norfolk Industries has made a point of learning from the time spent at trade shows and this has directly impacted upon our preparations for this years PATS Sandown attendance on 9th and 10th February 2020.

Some of the learning we gained was around customers decision making processes and what elements of a purchase they take into consideration.

We could see a shift in the last 6 months that a lot of this decision making is based around ‘green’ issues such as –

  • Is the product biodegradable or recyclable?
  • Is it from a sustainable source?
  • How much plastic is involved in the product or the packaging?
  • What does the business do for the community?

This is great news to Norfolk Industries as this is what we are all about as a business!  However, it did occur to us that we are not really getting these elements across within our promotional materials or display at the Trade Shows.

In order to address this, we have taken the following actions –

  • Ordered t-shirts to wear at the show detailing our new product information
  • Included on the t-shirts that our products are biodegradable, some are plastic free and/or recycled and that we are an ethical trader employing people with disabilities
  • Had a push up banner made which purely details the ‘green’ elements of the business to compliment our current display
  • Amended our Business Profile document to further promote these elements of the business

During the course of the Trade Show we also had some interesting conversations about possible new products which ironically we had thought about in the past, so this has ensured that we have progressed these into development with one product already having been entered in the New Product Showcase at PATS Sandown in February 2020 and another which is likely to be ready for PATS Telford.

That kind of information gathering is priceless and we have found that the more we attend these shows, the more we learn to get out of them.

See you all at PATS Sandown on 9th and 10th February, Stand T1.