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How to select the perfect papers for our small animal bedding products

Being a major supplier in the small animal bedding business and providing product to several of the large retailers in the UK, Norfolk Industries has a responsibility to ensure that only the safest papers go into our shredded paper bedding products.

We have 2 main suppliers of paper, but most importantly we ensure that the papers are food grade and as such contain no stains, bleaches, colorants or other ingredients which would have a diverse affect on our small pets.  Of course, there is always the opportunity for small animals to ingest their bedding and whilst we would never encourage this and our packaging states that it is not designed for ingestion, it is almost impossible to stop it from happening.

Food grade papers not only are safe from harmful ingredients, if they are ingested, they break down in the gut to avoid getting tangled and caught in the digestion system and/or bowels.

Another important element to the bedding is absorbency, colour and dust content.  If being used as a litter material on the bottom of the hutch or cage, you need a material which is absorbent, we test for this in any new materials we consider.

Colour is also important particularly to our dog breeders and show dogs, who would not wish to have dyes and print leach out onto the coats of their dogs, so we stick with white materials, but the shade of white can vary!

Dust content is another consideration as many small animals can have allergies to dust, particularly wood and hay dust so keeping the levels of dust down are really important.  Not only do we test the papers for dust through our shredding processes, we also have custom fitted extraction systems in place to reduce the amount of dust getting into the end product.

Last but not least, once all of the above have been considered, tested and agreed, we ensure that each production line is dedicated to certain materials in order to avoid contamination across materials into the product.  Housekeeping comes into play here and we have complete line clean downs regularly, as well as when changing product runs.

Our tag line is and remains - Caring for people, caring for nature!