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Blog » Gateway Assured Accredited Learning for people with disadvantages to the employment arena

Gateway Assured Accredited Learning for people with disadvantages to the employment arena

Over the last 2 years Norfolk Industries has been developing its services to people in the local community through the development of our Gateway Assured Accredited Learning programmes. 

We currently offer to work placement programmes to provide work experience and confidence building in our supported factory environment, but our EVOLVE programme also offers this Accredited Learning as part of the offer.

Accredited Learning is designed to be offered below qualification levels meaning that this is available to people who struggle with the formality of qualification learning which tends to be desk based.  We provide learning through practical activities as well as workbooks which can be supported so that people hardly realise that they are evidencing their own learning as they go along in the work placement!

Photographs and videos can also be used to evidence learning with a conversation or activity taking place and we can also use observation records in which we can detail a conversation or activity witnessed for evidence purposes.

The programmes we offer are –

  • Living Skills – based around things like money management, household skills, developing confidence and basic communication.
  • Employability – based around thing like communication in the workplace, teamwork, problem solving and keeping safe at work.
  • Project Planning – based around things like putting together a simple budget, risk and quality, gathering information and making decisions.

The beauty of this type of learning is that it can incorporate a huge range of activities and interests in order to engage people on their own level.  For instance, basic communication could be evidenced through a conversation in the work environment between 2 people eating lunch together or could be during an activity out in the community whilst also learning money management skills in a shop!  The opportunities are endless and ensure that people can learn at their own speed in an environment which suits them.

We have had a range of amazing outcomes from this type of learning including huge growth in confidence levels, candidates looking to live independently after the programme has ended, gaining part time work and involvement in community groups and activities.

Gateway Learning comes complete with a ‘passport’ which can be used after you finish with Norfolk Industries to add other courses onto.  They have a wide range of Accredited Learning and Qualification options available for people who wish to continue their learning journey.

Gateway QualificationsWe have found that Gateway works well with people who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, people who have never been employed and others who suffer with anxiety and depression as  the programme is designed to work closely in conquering anxiety and helps to improve confidence with learning generally through a supported application of this.

We continue to develop this type of learning across our entire parent company Independence Matters CIC and this is taking place in Community Hubs across Norfolk involving a wide range of people with varying abilities.

Should you have any questions about our Gateway Assured Learning programmes, don’t hesitate to contact –