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Blog » Developing our new work programme called EVOLVE

Developing our new work programme called EVOLVE

The development of EVOLVE truly started some 2 years ago when the current placement programme was working so well, we felt that it was a shame that the wonderful outcomes being achieved were not being formally recorded and the growth of individuals tracked.

Being able to administer this would take additional resources that we just did not have in place and would struggle to finance without additional funding.  So it was time to look for possible other funding streams which would enable us to recruit an admin role for the documentation and recording of the growth and outcomes achieved.

Appropriate ESF funding was found, which we were eligible for through the LIFT Programme and the lengthy application process began.  After a few weeks and lots of paperwork completion and Powerpoint presentations, we had the funding and a start date for the programme!  Due the eligibility of the funding, people from rural areas are required to apply (not city centre addresses) and who also have some kind of barrier to work, such as disability, parenting, lack of skills or confidence issues.

Confirmation of the funding in place started about 3 months of frenzied work to get the programme from an idea on paper, out as procedures, forms, training and development workbooks and a Gateway Assured accredited learning programme to include Employability Skills and Life Skills.

Promotion of the programme included attendance at a Jobs Fayre at the Forum in Norwich, discussions with JobCentre Plus to ensure that benefits are not affected for candidates and also for them to promote the programme to appropriate candidates.  Leaflets, posters and a brochure were all developed and the Norfolk Industries website was altered structurally to accommodate the EVOLVE programme.

Here we are at 2nd July, the start date for the programme.  We have already had 2 visitors, given out 2 application forms and have another visit booked in next week.  And so it starts!  To find out more information about EVOLVE, go to the page on our website -