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Brand new product - Furry Friends Farewell

Norfolk Industries for Disabled People is delighted to be launching an innovative new product to coincide with Pet Remembrance Day on 5th July 2022.

Designed in house, ‘Furry Friends Farewell’ is an eco-burial pack for mice, hamsters, rats and gerbils that’s been created to help children cope with the loss of their special pet.

Because humans become so attached to their pets, we find it very difficult when they die. Our pets have a big place in our hearts and losing them can be very upsetting, particularly for children who may be experiencing grief for the first time.

Furry Friends Farewell provides a safe, personal and sensitive way to bury your beloved pet. Supplied in a printed bag, each kit contains everything needed to say a special goodbye, including a biodegradable burial tube, grave marker and service sheet. There’s also a pack of coloured pencils so little ones can personalise the burial tube, and wildflower seeds to create a memorial at the burial site. For parents, we’ve put together an information leaflet giving help and advice about the best ways to support a child coping with the loss of their pet.

Furry Friends Farewell Pencils

Furry Friends Farewell is the latest addition to the Norfolk Industries range of small pet products and sits alongside our planet-friendly pet bedding lines, and award-winning Nibble & Nest and Animal Houses.

The product is available now and can be bought by calling us directly and soon through our website which is currently being redeveloped.

We are proud to be a disability employer and are continually looking to expand our product range. Each new product we launch generates further work opportunities in our factory and allows us to help more disadvantaged people, whether through direct employment or provision of work placements.

Norfolk Industries factory manager, Sharon Tooke, said:

‘This is a really lovely product, totally designed to not only provide work for disadvantaged people but also to support parents with children who may be suffering their first experience with grief.  Completely biodegradable we are also thinking of the planet, what’s not to like!

Furry Friends Farewell has been a long time in development due to the pandemic, but I am so excited to finally see this unique product officially launched.’