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A day in the life of Norfolk Industries Production Supervisor

Hello there, my name’s Matt Brown and I’m the production supervisor at Norfolk industries. I’d like to tell you a little bit about we do here at Norfolk industries and about my role.

Norfolk Industries operates as a commercial business, supplying pet bedding products up and down the country to some large established businesses as well as smaller customers, we also export to Spain. The product itself is made from waste material so there is a large element of recycling.

During the last 8-12 months we’ve also taken on contract packing work - repacking electrical components for a local electrical wholesaler and packing children’s educational toys for Orchard Toys, who are based in Wymondham. The work is great for both our staff and volunteers and we’ve been packing as many as 5,000 toys per week, which are then sent back to Orchard Toys before being shipped out all over the world, as far as China.


My typical day starts at around 7:20 am, I come in around 30-40 minutes earlier than the staff team and volunteers so that I can plan production for the day, set up the work areas and do safety checks on all the machinery that is being used that day.  From 8:00 the staff team are in and I allocate their jobs/tasks for day.

I have a very diverse role, from driving the fork truck to load the 40-foot lorries that take our product out to commercial customers to problem solving and fixing machinery if it goes wrong or breaks down. I’m responsible for ensuring we provide a safe working environment and that health and safety is up held at all times, as well as supporting our staff and volunteers who may have physical/learning disabilities, while also trying to meet our schedules and deadlines for customers’ deliveries.

I recently had a couple of customers from Dereham Community Hub come in to visit and see what Norfolk Industries is all about.  After going through the health and safety trip around the factory, I showed them how to put together the small animal houses for part of a big order that we’ve recently received from our biggest customer, Pets at Home. I then monitored their work, as it’s important that we produce the work correctly for our commercial customers, and I must say they did very well and their help was much appreciated. They really seemed to enjoy their time here and the work and that is exactly the kind of environment we’re trying to provide whilst also allowing people to see what a real working factory looks and feels like.

After that I worked on the bandsaw, cutting paper reels down so that it can be shred through our industrial shredding machines, loaded a couple of lorries, moved some raw materials into the production area, talked through some potential new work that we have coming in and what we would need to produce this work. I then went through the paperwork for the day to make sure the office received accurate information for our systems about what products have been produced today. It’s varied work but I enjoy it!

I’d like to add that I have a great team of hard working staff here at Norfolk Industries who all make it possible for us to carry on supporting people, building their confidence and getting them closer to paid employment if that is their ambition.

In the future I can see Norfolk Industries getting busier and employing more people with disabilities, to help us fulfil our commercial commitments. I get a lot satisfaction working here, watching people develop their work skills, seeing their confidence grow and knowing that I’ve been a part of that journey.