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Nibble and Nest - New Product

Our new product Nibble and Nest is designed to promote natural small animal scavenging behaviors and provide animal enrichment.

The pack of 4 small nests are provided complete with treats to engage your small pet with the product and encourage their interest in the bedding material.

The product is completely plastic free and nests can be placed into the cage without opening to encourage nibbling through the paper bag to get the treats!  If your small pet seems confused by this, you are can also just rip a hole in the bag and place it back in the cage.  The cotton bedding material included in the nest is completely safe, short fibre material.

Designed for mice, gerbils and hamsters although it was tested with rats who also enjoyed the activity.

Comments from our testers were -

'Both hamsters gained access to the bags , ate the treats and used the bedding material in their own bed space.  One slept the in the bag for a few hours.  Was great to watch them and thought it kept the hamsters occupied.'

'My hamsters really seemed to enjoy this product, I would definitely buy!'

'I would purchase this packet as I have just experienced it was great fun for my pet!!!'