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Chewy Tubes

Chewy tubes are a nesting tube suitable for small animals, (but please note that fibre is not suitable for hamsters).  Filled with shredded paper, recycled paper, coloured viscose fibre or cleaning cloth, they offer a variety of bedding for your pet.

Designed to provide a nesting place with bedding material inside, this product can be filled with any of the materials described on previous pages. A mixture of materials in boxes of 12 works well, with 3 x cleaning cloth, 3 x white flaked paper, 3 x recycled paper and 3 x coloured viscose. Other combinations can easily be provided if preferred.

Compared to our competitors, these tubes are extremely robust, lasting many days or weeks, even with the most enthusiastic gerbil! As the actual cardboard tubes are from the food industry, they are suitable for ingestion with no harmful chemicals or toxins involved. Just labelled and shrink wrapped, the packaging is also kept to a minimum.

These tubes are branded under our Norfolk Industries branding but can be supplied under other branding if artwork is provided and set-up costs are agreed. Our own label ‘Chewy Tubes’ continue to emphasis the social enterprise and environmentally friendly aspects of the business, as well as providing a quality product at a reasonable cost.

Please specify which material you would prefer in your tube – shredded paper flakes, recycled paper, white fibre, yellow fibre, pink fibre, blue fibre, or j-cloth if ordering from the website.



Amount Price Buy Online
1 x Chewy Tube in postal bag £3.75
3 x Chewy Tubes in postal bag £5.10

All prices include VAT and delivery. Delivery is approximately 5 working days.

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