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Pet products with a conscience – think workability, not disability!

Not all disabilities can be seen

Our motto is ‘think workability, not disability’ and we’re advocates for people with disabilities of every type, including those whose disabilities that are invisible or hidden.

We recently experienced how difficult it can be for people with hidden disabilities when one of our work placements Ellen (not her real name) took on a paid, part-time role with a local employer.

The work was perfect for her, and we were confident it was a good match for her strengths. But what should have been a happy and successful outcome turned out very differently. Due to a lack of understanding of Ellen’s disability and communication methods, she quickly became misunderstood, ultimately leading to her leaving her employment.

Situations like this can create real anxieties and stresses, severely denting confidence which might have taken years to build, and further clouds disabled people’s views of finding an understanding and accommodating employer.

We would like to send Ellen every good wish for the future and just hope that she finds a more suitable opportunity. We are certain the right role and employer are out there – it’s just a question of finding them.