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Guides & News

We are pleased to provide some general information on keeping various pets and are happy to introduce our guides.

NIDP Guide to Gerbils                  NIDP Guide to Rabbits                  NIDP Guide to Mice

NIDP Guide to Hamsters             NIDP Guide to Guinea Pigs            NIDP Guide to Rats 

NIDP Guide to Chinchillas

Welcome to Norfolk Industries Newsletters.  We create a quarterly Newsletter to circulate to the agencies we work with, particularly to promote our Voluntary Placements and also to inform how the business is generally getting on.

Please see the Newsletters below -


NIDP Newsletter - August 2017                     NIDP Newsletter - February 2019

NIDP Newsletter - October 2017                   NIDP Newsletter - May 2019

NIDP Newsletter - February 2018                 NIDP Newsletter - August 2019

NIDP Newsletter - July 2018                         NIDP Newsletter - November 2019

NIDP Newsletter - November 2018               NIDP Newsletter - February 2020

NIDP Newsletter - September 2018              NIDP Newsletter - May 2020

NIDP Newsletter - August 2020                     NIDP Newsletter - November 2020

NIDP Newsletter - February 2021                  NIDP Newsletter - May 2021

We have also been busy making up colouring books for younger fans as well as a puzzle book for all ages. Just download the files and have lots of fun!

Younger colouring book                                    

Older colouring book

Norfolk Industries Puzzle Book