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Guides & News

We are pleased to provide some general information on keeping various pets and are happy to introduce our guides.

Hanks Guide to Gerbils                                      Hanks Guide to Chinchillas

Hanks Guide to Hamsters                                  Hanks Guide to Guinea Pigs

Hanks Guide to Rabbits                                     Hanks Guide to Degus

Hanks Guide to Ferrets

Hanks Guide to Mice

Hanks Guide to Rats

You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletters which are bi monthly, and this is done by completing the information on the bottom of the product pages, but if you would prefer to view them directly, here are the links -

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We have also been busy making up colouring books for younger fans as well as a story book for all ages. Just download the files and have lots of fun!

Younger colouring book                                    Hanks Story Book

Older colouring book