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About Us

Norfolk Industries has been in existence for over 100 years and was originally set up to provide work for the Blind people of Norwich within a holistic setting providing accommodation and services for living also.

Here is a video about the business and the work we carry out for local people

Over the years, the working element of this service moved premises and became part of Norfolk County Council’s Community Services Department.  However, in November 2013 many of the services within Community Services externalised into a Community Interest Company called Independence Matters which Norfolk Industries is also now part of.  Please see our separate page for more information about the variety of services they offer across the county of Norfolk.

Now employing people with various disabilities (not just visual impairments), Norfolk Industries has also worked hard to improve the reach of our service delivery across Norfolk and Suffolk and now support and assist people who are long term unemployed or have other disadvantages in the work arena.

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Norfolk Industries continues to demonstrate that individuals with disabilities are able to contribute effectively to a business which takes a little time to find out exactly what they are capable of achieving and working to utilise those strengths within the day to day operations of the business.

Attempting to assist individuals to reach their goals and aspirations to the best of their ability through meaningful work is also what our logo attempts to portray.

The business has been under review and has gained continued support and remodelling assistance from Norfolk County Council, in order to provide a financially sustainable business within a given period.

Within the last 5 years, the business has grown it’s commercial activity within the small animal sector by 500% and now supplies quality products to many of the larger contracts in the UK, as well as exporting product to Spain.

In November 2013 we externalised from the Council into a Community Interest Company called Independence Matters.

Unfortunately, as we tend to pack into our customers own brand packaging, this has not enabled Norfolk Industries to raise it’s profile within the marketplace, which may be why you have not heard of us, until now! 

Commercial Responsibility

Norfolk Industries would like to offer you the opportunity to support a small Social Enterprise in Norfolk which has big ambitions!

 We are able to provide a quality product, in large volumes to your specification and branding if required. Alternatively, this product could also be supplied under our own branding which has been limited in distribution.

Forktruck MB Pic 2 23 06 17Whilst employing people with disabilities, Norfolk Industries also prides itself in recycling on a large scale.

Some 60% of our raw materials are waste products, from the food and newspaper industries, which would go to landfill in many cases.

So we can tick many of your ‘Corporate Responsibility’ boxes whilst supplying a required product to your shelves.

Hence, our tag line:  ‘Caring about people, caring about nature.’

Above video kindly provided by student group at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) - 

Michel Lowery - Director.

Philip Muwambi - Writer.

Tully Mead - Producer.

Eleanor Needham - Cinematographer.

Claudia Buchan - Sound Mixer.

Jack Cox - Editor.